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May 2012
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I sat beside a legacy of a smooth

brown intriguing mystical box.

It is by the window, looking beyond the beach.

I opened and touched those white bars of enchanting tune.

Those skinny pieces of wood invited me to

have a peek, to touch and feel them.

And discover the legend of the notes that were once played.

The hidden story behind the music of passion.

Their cry for reliving that moment when they sang the

most wonderful piece of music ever created.

Begged for that immortal song to be played once more.

For the last time, before the immortality

fades into darkness.

The shining white bars magnetized

my fingers to touch them.

The power inside it taught me how to snap my fingers gracefully

above those enchanted slender branches.

I felt I was dancing through the wind. It made me feel so light.

Heavens opened and the box immersed to the

sky while I play the last part of its life.

We raced up in the air like eagles swaying our long wide wings.

I played those last notes as if it will never end.

We stayed up there while the sun gave its brightest light.

Make the best out of this fantasy.

I know this will never be a reality.

As the clouds beneath my feet

carried me out of this world.

For once I escaped the complexities of

living with my feet on the ground.

I took off the blanket that kept me from moving.

But I know I have to put it back when I go down.

When I touched the last bar for the last note, the cloud suddenly disappeared.

I fell slowly from the sky down to earth like a leaf from a tree.

Then I just felt a single tear dropped from my eye, I didn’t know why.

The box magically closed the last chapter of the book.

Not a single note will ever elude, nor a word will ever whisper from it again.

The story did end.

After that dream, I woke up with that same mystical box in front of me.


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