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In December 2009, I was praying and God impressed in my heart to pray for the people in North Korea. North Korea has zero tolerance for Christianity. They have concentration camps with millions of people dying. They are malnourished, without food, without proper clothing. And because of this kind of life, (they are poverty stricken) a lot of citizens want to escape. A lot became refugees, fleeing to find refuge to a foreign country. God let them escape. Remember, the country doesn’t know Jesus. Zero tolerance. That’s why Jesus led them out of that country, not to escape. God took them out of the country because He wants them to find him. The only purpose of God letting them out of that prison is for them to know who their Savior is – no other than Jesus Christ. If one or two or a hundred refugees find and know him then something difficult but good is coming to North Korea.


On December 24, a Korean American named Robert Park (young man, 28) has reportedly crossed the border from China to North Korea. While he was crossing the border, it was reported that he was shouting, “I come here as an American citizen to proclaim God’s love.” Some witnesses even said that he was brandishing or waving his bible while crossing the border in a dignified manner with his shoulders squared. Then he announced he was going to enter the North because he was convinced that the time for action has come,” He hoped his act will sound a starting signal for those who are interested in human rights in North Korea but are still hesitant to act. Robert Park is young, but he is ready for whatever God is planning in his life. I believe what he did on December 24 changed and shook the earth. That is how God operates. I pray that like this young man, we will have the courage to do his will. Park prayed for an hour at the China-North Korea border before crossing the river, during which he claimed to have heard God’s voice telling him not to be afraid. Let’s ask God to give us strong will to obey and to follow, for without him we can not do anything.


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