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People: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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March 2012
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When people are pressed down by injustice and stripped-off their selfhood, they may plunge down the grave, but faith and hope which are heaven sent will resurrect their lives and make them climb up from the pit of despair and inequality. The hope they breathe flowing with the breeze in the morning while waiting for the new sunrise will help them gather courage which is found in every heart determined to face and fight not just for oneself, but for everyone who has the right to be treated as equal, not just flesh and blood, but as human — with soul, body and spirit.

Sir Martin was the embodiment of greatness found in every soul, converged into a person with deep convictions who is willing to fight not with violence but with a noble and valiant heart prepared to sacrifice one’s life for the redemption of everyone. Truly, his moving speech entered the lives, not just of those who were present in that fateful day, but dwelled in the minds of those who heard his words carrying the spear and fire of wisdom. I believe God did not plan such violence and oppression against his highest creation, that is why He would send people of higher calling to subdue this shockingly dreadful cruelty. His time here on Earth was not wasted. The words flowing from his heart became alive and gave stronger revelation rooted with passion and love for freedom and equality. The message was not just for the people in North America, but it represents every person who is under such disparity.

He lived by faith and not by sight. His heart was looking directly at the future, when his children will no longer be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. He may not live to see the fulfillment of his prophetic dream, but his children did and so his grandchildren and great-grandchildren and that is — his life’s purpose… undoubtedly completed and remarkably divine. His life was a blessing to history. The life of Dr. King carries the fragrant atmosphere of freedom, that when people start dreaming, indeed, it will come to fruition. It may not happen in our time, but trust that in God’s time it will.



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