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My favorite family restaurant is no other than Max’s Chicken Restaurant, particularly the one in SM North Edsa, Level 2, SM City North EDSA, North Avenue cor. EDSA Quezon City, Philippines.


THAT SAME CORNER in Max’s Restaurant, in SM City North Edsa

Long before yesterday, I made a pact with myself that I’ll treat my family to a lunch or dinner-out once I get my salary. That deal came into being just yesterday night. It even became more special for me, for us, because we ate at the very same place and corner the last time we ate at that same restaurant just months ago. We started in a prayer thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for blessing us unconditionally. Though it is not fair, if we just think deeper into the sense that our Father in Heaven gives so much to us even if were are undeserving little creatures here on earth, He would still provide us with so much. I learned that unconditional love from my God through the parents He blessed me with, although I can really say I may not be perfectly doing it, but through God’s grace I am continuously learning.

That day and all of those more than twenty years I spent with my parents, makes me realize that God blessed me with a great family. We are a typical Filipino Family, we may not be perfect… of course we disagree… sometimes fight and say some regretful words to each other but after that… when that storm subsides… I believe that we will be all right because I will always go home to them. Nothing can ever change that fact. I have learned through them that it is important to know one’s roots… but they also help me use my wings to fly. I belong to that genre of people who would prefer to stay home than explore the malls and bar around the greater Manila… and I am proud to be a member of “the club.” I would much rather hang out with “my friends, my tropa” who stay home with me.

From time to time I wish moments would freeze so that things, situations would stay just the way they are. I maybe selfish if I say that I hope I want us to stay close together and no one ever leaves the house 🙂 … for our family to always be complete every Sunday afternoon at the table talking about politics, religion, economy and the simplest things about the man I saw in Sta. Cruz or Justice Corona’s ongoing impeachment… I want all of those things to stay and not ever be stirred… but that’s just me. I’ll leave my family to the all knowing God who gave them to me… And I will forever be grateful for every memory I have spent and will spend with them.

Through this voyage, at times when I am alone or perhaps when those moments come when I feel alone or even when I am peacefully just watching the thick velvet night sky above… I will be pondering about who I am and will remember that same precious special corner I shared and spent with my family.


Max’s Chicken Restaurant is not just a place to eat, it’s one of my favorite things on earth because the place is where I have great memories with my family. I will always carry in my heart episodes of conversations and bondings with my parents and siblings, over their delicious dishes, most especially the sinigang na hipon, sizzling tofu, crispy pata and of course the timeless and ever beautiful Max’s Chicken.

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  1. Lokal says:

    Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds of things, so I
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  2. Ned Freels says:

    Howdy: thank you for using some time of writing up this important information. I normally seek to even further my idea of points. If I agree or disagree, I like knowledge. I recall the previous days once the only source of advice was the library or the newspaper. They the two appear so archaic. : )

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